Wound Dressing & Suture Removal


Wound Dressing & Suture Removal

When one is discharged from hospital with a surgical wound that needs to heal or if one lives with chronic conditions, like diabetes, there is a risk for wounds including foot ulcers.

In home wound or dressing care is an important measure to prevent infections and heal wounds properly.

Pioneer HomeCare nurses have specialized knowledge and training in wound care, which enables us to provide exceptional care using the best treatments and products. We work closely with each client to meet to their individual needs.

Wound care nurses assess and measure the wound and skin around it, and choose the right dressing or treatment, and change wound dressings as required. Wound care nurses also remove clips or sutures after surgery.

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Pioneer Home Care’s personal attention helped me a lot. Their round-the-clock support made my pain go & I was back to normal in no time. Best thing is that all of this is at my home.
Mounika Reddy